Craig Seath Pottery

~ Pottery Lessons for Children & Adults ~

  • Seath Pottery - Open Studio

  • Hourly Rate – $6 per hour for studio, tools, and equipment use. Please round your time to the nearest ¼ hour.

    Glaze Firing - $2 per pound for all types of glazing firing. Once you have retrieved your bisque pots from the bisque shelves and have glazed them (and cleaned the bottoms), you will weigh them to the nearest ¼ lb on the glaze scale. Note: allow your pieces to dry before you weigh them. Please submit glaze firing sheet along with payment in the glaze envelope.

    Kiln Shelf Accidents - If you use too much glaze so that your piece runs on the shelf you will be charged a minimum of $5 per offending piece. If the kiln shelf is damaged you will be charged a minimum of $50 for the damage.

    Recording – Please record your time on your index card and pay your fee each visit. Please use the money pouch. Mr. Seath trusts that you accurately record and pay each time. Mr. Seath cannot accept I.O.U.s.

    Liability - I understand there are personal and health risks involved when entering Mr. Seath’s property and when using equipment and/or raw materials in the studio. I will not hold Mr. Seath liable for any personal or health injuries.

  • Contact Info – You can contact Mr. Seath anytime…
    Cell/text: 651/341-2113
    Website: or